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Current Lineups

Are you ready to fly, Jack?

Capitol Film Society's next film is Titanic!

Join us Wednesday, April 24th as we set out on the
R.M.S. Titanic.

Come dressed for the maiden voyage and be entered to win prizes!

Tickets are only $10 at the door, and we'll have fresh popcorn and chilled drinks at the ready.

We will have specialty cocktails, and prizes for anyone dressed to meet on the Titanic!


Capitol Film Society

The Capitol Film Society is a community of movie enthusiasts who enjoy watching movies at the Mae Wilson Theatre. Members can share reviews, make recommendations, and sometimes vote on which movies will be shown at the Mae Wilson Theatre. So join the discussion, become a member or simply come and enjoy watching movies the way they were intended to be seen… on the big screen at the Mae Wilson Theatre.

Per movie - $10



Cineview showcases films from the Toronto International Film Festival every fall and winter. Join us each month at the Mae Wilson Theatre to experience the best of independent and foreign film. 

Per movie - $10
Full Pass (5 movies) - $30



Any Cineview Screening

Festival of Words Office *

Post Horizon Bookseller **

* The Mae Wilson Theatre have changed their box office as of Jan 2023. They are now open 12pm-5pm Tuesday-Saturday. If you wish to purchase your tickets at our office before 12pm, please call our office number to be let in. 

** Post Horizons only accepts cash or cheque

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