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Top Seven Grants For Independent Artists

Grants can be an amazing way to shore up gaps in your resources and enable innovation and calculated risks!

Where do you start looking? We’ve curated a list of seven grants that might fit the bill for you.

Micro-Grants (SK Arts)

Designed specifically for urgent and unique opportunities, the SK Arts Micro-Grant Program accepts applications every month. They especially look for first-time and underserved candidates who qualify as professional artists or arts organizations.

Applicants can apply for up to $1000 in micro-grant funding to help advance their professional development and practice.

Independent Artist (SK Arts)

Serving artists in music, dance, theatre, media, visual, literary, and multidisciplinary arts, the Independent Artists grant enables creators to advance their projects and deepen their skillsets.

Three types of grants are available:

  • Creation

  • Development & Presentation

  • Professional Development/Research

Deadlines come twice a year and varying funding limits are available depending on the type of project.

Supporting Artistic Practice (Canadian Council for the Arts)

The Canadian Council for the Arts has a network of grants related to professional development, publishing, networking, and arts sector innovation. Their aim is to help create a “dynamic support system for the arts in Canada by funding Canadian arts professionals, groups, and arts organizations.”

Indigenous People’s Art and Artists (SK Arts)

Promoting the creation of traditional Indigenous artwork, the Indigenous People’s Art and Artists program is available for Indigenous artists and/or Traditional Knowledge Keepers/Elders working in any art form who are Saskatchewan residents as well as small groups or collectives of Saskatchewan Indigenous artists working in any art form.

Creative Kids

Kids in families that experience a certain degree of economic disadvantage can access up to $750 to help cover the costs of being involved in artistic opportunities such as dance, music, visual arts, and more.

If you are an independent artist offering workshops or classes to underserved kids and youth, you could help interested families apply for Creative Kids funding to help them cover registration and supplies.

Kids must be four years of age by the application deadline and funding resets every year.

Arts Across Canada (Canadian Council for the Arts)

This grant helps resource the distribution and sharing of Canadian art throughout the nation. Funds can be used for touring, travel, translation of projects, and more.

Production Grant (Theatre Saskatchewan)

Drama clubs with a Theatre Saskatchewan membership can apply for up to $2000 to supplement the budget of one of their productions.

If you are a director, costume designer, set decorator, or any type of freelancer hired to work on a show, you can help your employer apply for this grant to increase your production budget.


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