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Local Dancers Join Ballet Jörgen's Cinderella

Premier Canadian dance company, Ballet Jörgen, invites several young dancers from Moose Jaw to join them on stage. We caught up with three of them: Grace King, Kadence McKenna, and Gracie Walz.

MJCC: It's a pretty big honour to be selected for an appearance with Ballet Jorgen! How are you feeling about dancing with them on March 11?

Gracie: I am really excited and a little nervous to perform with Ballet Jorgen. This is a huge opportunity to dance with a premier ballet company and I am ready to take it all in.

Kadence: This is an amazing opportunity and I am extremely excited to be on stage performing Cinderella with Ballet Jörgen.

Grace: I am thrilled and excited to be dancing with Ballet Jörgen again! I was part of their local cast last time they came to Regina with the Nutcracker.

MJCC: Have you performed in the Mae Wilson Theatre before? Do you have any fun performance memories from being here?

Kadence: Yes, I performed on the Mae Wilson stage during Covid when our dance studio, Dance Images, had to do online dance competitions. I missed being in front of an audience but it was still a fun experience.

Grace: That stage is home to many great memories!

Gracie: I performed in a production of the Wizard of Oz and my studio has used the stage to film our dances for competitions during the pandemic. One memory that comes to mind is waiting backstage for the Wizard of Oz and standing them all the main cast members and how fun and exciting it was.

MJCC: What is one of your first memories of dance and what do you love about it enough to work this hard at it?

Grace: One of my first memories of dancing was seeing my family in the audience at one of my early performances. I love the thrill of performing and the satisfaction of improving skills which motivates me to work hard.

Gracie: My first memory of dance is being on stage when I was around 3 or 4 years old, taking feathers from one of the costumes off and throwing them into the audience. I love dance because I can show my passion through it. It lets me tell stories without having to speak and it allows me to express myself.

Kadence: One of my first memories of dance is a Jazz dance called “Waka Waka” when I was younger. It was a super fun dance and I remember the feeling when performing it. I absolutely love dancing. I love the finished result on stage performing and that’s why I work so hard.

MJCC: If you could perform any role in any show, or create a new original dance to any song, what would they be?

Kadence: I would choose to create a slower, sassy Jazz dance to the song "Money, Money, Money" by ABBA.

Grace: If I could perform in any role today it would be a sugar plum fairy in the Nutcracker.

Gracie: If I could choreograph a dance to any song it would be " That don't impress me much '' by Shaina Twain.

MJCC: Thank you for representing Moose Jaw on stage with Ballet Jorgen! We’re excited to see you up there with them!


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