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Khosravi Stadnicki Concert Review

In partnership with the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC) and Prairie Debut, The Mae Wilson Theatre presented Khosravi Stadnicki in concert on January 10, 2023.

Their innovative arrangements delivered a spirited evening of both buoyancy and gravitas.

Farhad Khosravi is an award winning composer and performer. His work with the santur, an ancient Persian hammer dulcimer, has garnered attention from across the country. For this tour, he partnered with percussionist Daniel Stadnicki to create a blend of the ancient and contemporary.

Khosravi's compositions instrumentally explore themes of human trafficking, life & death, environmentalism, and family. Sitting in the same room as his peaceful demeanour and commanding santur performance, one cannot help but to lean in.

Stadnicki's eclectic assemblage of percussion includes traditional drum kit elements born from his punk and metal background, various tambourines, and tangles of bits and bobs that when rattled create a provincial, eastern jangle.

Between their captivating musicianship, accessibly educational descriptions, and gorgeous compositions, Khosravi Stadnicki is a show one should think twice about missing!


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